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Front End Developer (E-Commerce)
Job Number: 00547508
We are looking for an exceptional Front End Developer (E-Commerce) to work with our cross-functional team, and join our world-class community of talented experts.
Work with Project management and solution architects to estimate and scope out projects.
Work with Creative team during planning and production phase.
Work with backend development team to create optimize solution.
Optimizing code for performance.
Comment code and produce documentation to industry standards as needed.
Produce code to the highest standards while adhering to industry accepted architecture and design pattern techniques and methodologies (e.g., MVC, SOA, OOP, DI etc.)
– Basic qualifications
Ideally you will have:
At least 6+ years of experience in building front end applications.
At least 2+ years of experience with React JS or Angular JS.
Good understanding of OOPs concepts.

Strong hands on knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, ES6+.
Strong understanding of the React Virtual DOM, JSX and API.
Hands on experience on REST APIs, GraphQL and WebSocket.
Experience with a State-management framework like Redux (with middleware) or MobX.
Comfortable with concepts like Container/Presentation components, Higher Order Components.
Worked with UI libraries like Material-UI, Semantic UI, Bootstrap.
Good understanding of CSS in JS, aka Scoped-CSS or Styled Components.
Unit testing with Karma + Mocha or Jest.
Experience working with client-side templating languages like Handlebars, Mustache, etc.
Experience on working with frontend build systems and automating the same using Grunt / Gulp.
Experience on MVC frameworks (Backbone.js, or similar) and knowledge of common JavaScript design patterns will be good to have.

Experience of working with server-side JavaScript frameworks based on Node.js.
Exposure to Style Guides, Atomic Design.
Exposure to Design tools like Sketch, Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.
Good verbal and written communication in English.
Additional good to have
Comfortable with one or more of the following languages: Ruby, Python, Go, C#, Java, Swift, PHP.
DevOps skills like good understanding of Shell commands, deployment, system updates, security configurations of web servers and Docker configurations.
Fair understanding of React Native and/or Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic.