Manager – Productivity (Workforce Analysis) – Marina bay Hotel – Singapore


Manager – Productivity (Workforce Analysis)
Apply now Job no: 493867
Work type: Full-Time
Location: Marina Bay Sands
Categories: Accounting & Finance
In the tightening labor market in Singapore- the need for a robust ecosystem
of labor management systems is greater than ever. At Marina Bay Sands- we use
multiple labor management systems to forecast- schedule and monitor both full
time and casual labor resources. However- these systems require constan
monitoring- upgrading and enhancements to keep up with the evolving
requirements of our business and the ever-changing technological developments.

The Operational Evaluation & Analysis Team in Marina Bay Sands is lookin

forward to welcoming to their team an expert in labor management practices.
This Team Member (TM) will be the primary resource responsible for providing
leadership to the labor management ecosystem and processes for the entire
Integrated Resort. The TM will work on ensuring the ecosystem stays reliable-
accurate and up to date with changes- by formulating and executing a detailed
roadmap. This TM will also be responsible for analyzing the data captured in
these systems to make meaningful and actionable recommendations to the
business units on enhancing their Productivity and ultimately creating
Unforgettable Experiences for our guests.

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for company-wide labour management systems of Virtual Roster and
Kronos including system optimization- upgrades- reporting and analysis

Become the point person for the labor management ecosystem at Marina Bay Sands.
Continuously evaluate the usability- accessibility- performance and accuracy of the labor management systems.
Identify best practices and scale adoption of these best practices to the entire organization by creating and delivering a comprehensive training program.
Take ownership of the financial reporting from the labor management systems to accurately represent FTE utilization.
Perform workforce analysis on a regular basis to spot opportunities to increase productivity.
Collaborate with the Productivity Team to create meaningful KPIs to measure the Productivity of various volume driven positions- using innovative technology where applicable.
Create real time and monthly dashboards for Productivity using visualization tools like Spotfire- Tableau- Cognos- etc.
Initiate regular upgrades for labour management systems and work closely with IT and operations to enhance these systems.


Degree in Finance- Accounting- Business- Economics- Computer Science
3-4 years prior experience in managing Labor Management Systems like Kronos- Virtual Roster- and Watsons is required. Prior experience may be in manpower forecasting- scheduling or labor / productivity analysis.
2-3 years prior experience in technology project management is required- with demonstrable skills in designing and executing system deployments.
Proficiency in Management Presentations to be able to effectively sell big ideas to the decision makers using data and the right presentation aids.
Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to manage multiple stakeholders independently.
Must be comfortable in a fast-paced- dynamic and ever changing environment while working under pressure and tight deadlines.
Must be self-motivated and resourceful and able to multi-task.
Must share our Company values of Passion- Creativity- Teamwork- Respect and Integrity.