Senior Supply Chain Specialist wanted by Roche in Singapore




Key responsibilities

For a given segment of products manage and perform supply chain activities by playing the role of Supply Manager:
Work in close collaboration with planners, master data, artworks and quality team members of the APAC hub organization to ensure reliable, agile and efficient supply of products from the hub.
Interface with global Packaging Centers (based in Europe) to create and send replenishment orders of semi-finished or common make-up products and ensure their final delivery to support the subsequent hub operations.
Check that appropriate batches are being allocated by FHLR and manage the exceptions
Monitor the shipping/transportation of materials to CMO sites and coordinate with Logistics/Transportation functions to ensure successful and on-time delivery
Manage deviations and damages of incoming shipments
Interface with Contract Manufacturer to transmit redressing or secondary packaging orders and follow up completion.

Perform inventory management of common makeup/semi-finished product.
Own (and manage) scheduling and planning of production at the CMO. Send sub-contracting orders to CMO
Assign component batches that can be used for each subcontracting order after performing TRIC/ACN checks
Work with CMO to confirm feasibility of requested delivery dates ensuring availability of capacity, materials and resources
Lead planning meetings and discussions with CMOs to review forecasts and ensure CMO’s capacity to meet Roche requirements
Monitor status of work in progress to ensure on time delivery to customers and/or address impact of any delays or other schedule changes; provide direction and prioritization for such changes
Consolidate and validate Forecast for CMO

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