Surveillance Operator – marina bay sands – Singapore

marina bay sands hotel Singapore


marina bay sands hotel Singapore
marina bay sands hotel Singapore

Job no: 493777
Work type: Full-Time
Location: Marina Bay Sands
Categories: General Services
Maintain an effective relationship with Guests.
Maintain a professional image in all dealings with customers, in person, by telephone/radio, electronically, etc.
Meet the customers’ requirements and expectations through the prompt and accurate relaying of information.
Build credibility with customers through professional behavior.
Use discretion in handling difficult situations with the assistance of a Shift Manager, Supervisor or Senior Operator.
Contribute to the effectiveness of the Surveillance team by promoting a professional image and handling all situations with the required confidentiality.

Work as part of a Team
Build credibility with other Team Members.
Work within a close working environment, in which Team Members may come from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Contribute to team effectiveness by keeping informed and sharing knowledge and technical skills.
Maintain effective reporting procedures by ensuring all reports are completed in a timely manner and filed appropriately; ensuring the awareness of Supervisors or Shift Manager to incidents of note according to the reporting requirements established Provide back-up support to all Team Members to ensure the professional image and integrity of the Surveillance Department is maintained.

Analyze information from information technology systems

Evaluate and analyze information from multiple sources including CCTV, ACSC, Infogensis, Patron/Team Member Data bases, Digital, available statistics, etc.
Respond to situations identified through surveillance and computer analysis systems.
Maintain control and confidentiality of Surveillance and computer systems.
Ability to adapt to the introduction of new technologies and systems.

Operate Central Monitoring/Communication Console

Observe and analyze non-gaming, gaming and cash handling areas using advanced IT systems in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Label, file, document and store recording mediums.
Review gaming and cash handling activities to ensure procedures have been complied with and integrity has been maintained.
Ensure that appropriate equipment is functioning, submitting appropriate reports when equipment is not functioning.
Operate advanced IT systems and communication equipment in accordance with operating requirements.

Survey Team Members / Customers Activity from the Monitor Room

Monitor Team Members in accordance with the “Company Code of Ethics, Conduct and Professional Behaviors” policies, Internal controls, SOP’s and associated regulations.
Monitor illegal or suspicious activity of Team Members and customers within Marina Bay Sands Singapore integrated resort, gaming and cash handling areas, ensuring detected activities are reported to appropriate Team Members.
Monitor, analyze and review gaming and cash handling activities, including high action, junket activity, count procedures, point of sale, etc.
Monitor the integrity of gaming and cash handling functions through observing and reporting procedural violations, reviewing equipment, auditing transactions and table games hold percentages, etc

Report on illegal activities

Monitor, detect and report on irregular, suspicious and illegal activities, ensuring appropriate Team Members are informed.
Document all illegal activities using recording mediums and the appropriate electronic reporting systems.


Background Law enforcement Clearance.
Key Employee License
Be literate in Microsoft Office Suite.